The Pretty Heavies are:


When the Pretty Heavies are hanging around with their fans, sooner or later the question arises :

"Where the f*** does the name The Pretty Heavies come from?"

And that's the point where we start to tell the same story over and over again:

"It was a cold and rainy October in the year of the lord 2005. Two friends decided that they would flee Germany and headed for Portugal, where they intended to capture the art of surfing....

So Phil and Tobi entered the world of the surfers and soon experienced that Portugal was exactly as cold and rainy as where they had come from and (what was even worse) that they were the only real surfers around. Only they still lacked boards. To overcome this last obstacle, they decided to visit a surf board rental. Confronted with the question which kind of board would suit their surfing skills best, the salesperson didn't hesitate to reach a decision:

"Well, since both of you are pretty heavy, you two better take the largest boards we got "

This is where we recognized that we're the real pretty heavies for sure. We took the canoes offered and went surfing "

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